Known for its iconic bitters and rum-making heritage, the House of Angostura - with the only rum distillery in Trinidad today - marks its 190th anniversary with the U.S. arrival of Amaro di Angostura® , an innovative style of Amaro.

This is the first time in the company's history to enter an entirely new category of spirits. Amaro di Angostura® will be available nationwide in The UK May 2016.

Bespoke Process

Impossible to replicate, the taste of Amaro di Angostura® is derived from the bespoke process used in creating the House of Angostura’s iconic aromatic bitters. The House yeast strain, cultivated by Angostura® since the 1930’s in Trinidad, combined with the addition of other spices and neutral alcohol from its distillery, result in an elevation of a classic liqueur.

Like Angostura® aromatic bitters, the Amaro di Angostura® recipe is a secret. "Angostura® aromatic bitters, which serves as the base for Amaro di Angostura®, has a devoted following worldwide. 

Bottled at 35% ABV, Amaro di Angostura® is a deep amber colour, offering aromas of cinnamon, dark chocolate and unmistakeable Angostura® aromatic bitters. The flavours explode on the tongue with warm cinnamon and liquorice notes. The finish is perfectly balanced, exotic, lush and reminiscent of the essence of Trinidad and Tobago’s pulsating rhythms, tropical climate and beauty.
As expected from a winning rum-maker with more than 60 global awards, the House of Angostura enjoys sharing new creations and encouraging different ways of enjoying its products.

 House of Angostura: A rich history 

The House of Angostura’s award winning rums are steeped in nearly 200 years of tradition. The journey started in 1824 when founder Dr. Johann Siegert first produced aromatic bitters in Angostura, Venezuela (today called Ciudad Bolivar). In the 1870’s, Dr. Siegert’s three sons migrated to Trinidad, among them Don Carlos Siegert, who pioneered the brand, establishing Angostura aromatic bitters as an integral ingredient in premium cocktails and ultimately a mainstay of cocktail culture. The family’s Siegert Bouquet Rum became a Trinidadian tradition up until the early 1960’s and part of the company’s rich rum heritage. In the 1970’s, The House of Angostura expanded, acquiring the Fernandes family distillery, which was founded in the 1890’s by Manoel Fernandes, an immigrant from Portugal, and known for making high quality rums.