Fuba Cachaca is the creation of  Brazilian brothers Rafael and Cassiano Agapito

Fubá Cachaça is an artisinal, hand-crafted Aguardente de cana, made from 100% estate grown Cana Crioula (Saccharum Officinarum) twice distilled in copper pot stills. The use of “fermento caipira” - a mixture of maize (known as fubá de milho) and citrus peel - imparts a fragrant floral nose and a peppery finish, while the double copper distillation gives Fubá its characteristic subtle mouthfeel with notes of liquorice, almond and green bananas.

We use traditional recipes and sustainable techniques. Simplicity and unquestionable quality are the cornerstones of the Fubá brand which are expressed throughout the expertly hand-crafted liquid and the distinctive packaging, with logo designed by renowned artist Valdemar Doria.

The tree logo represents the family unit and its branches and roots, the members of present and past generations of the Agapito family and its Latin-European heritage.

Cachaça dates back to XVI century Brasil, where sugar mills were the core of the economy and generated a lot of wealth to the Portuguese crown. The distilling know-how was introduced by the Portuguese settlers in the early 1530’s and Cachaça quickly became the drink of choice for not only the working class but also the nobility.