Ireland's first craft distillery

The Glendalough Distillery was set up by five friends from Wicklow and Dublin with a deep passion for reviving the heritage of craft distilling in Ireland.

In the 18th & 19th centuries there were over 200 licensed distilleries in Ireland (and countless unlicensed ones) producing diverse styles of poitín, whiskey, gin and even absinthe. Until recently that dropped to a small handful. We couldn’t sit idly by and allow this in the birthplace of distilled drink.


Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin 

This is a gin unlike any other. Each season we go out into the wilds of the Wicklow mountains and forage with our botanist friend, Geraldine. We pick what grows and distill with it the very next day.

  • Glendalough Distillery use "Fresh botanicals, never dried, foraged wild from the mountains around the distillery". Wild Botanical Gin represents an entire year in beautiful Glendalough, the Garden of Ireland.
  • Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin has fresh spring notes of juniper, citrus and pine on the nose.
  • On the palate, it starts cool and mellow, then rushes to summer flowers in full bloom.Hints of autumn fruits give way to warm winter spices and a long, sylvan finish.

They say distilling is an extension of agriculture. We never appreciated that fully, until we started making this gin - at the mercy of nature and her seasons.

With each taste, this gins transports you to a place and time in our home - the Wicklow Mountains.

Single Grain Irish Whisky - Double Barrel

A new calibre of Irish Whiskey Single grain, double-barrel aged

This whiskey, like Glendalough itself, was born out of a wild Irish streak. The man on our bottle, St Kevin carved out his own path and this whiskey dares to do the same in a world of copycats and same old styles.

There are those who prefer to sip the status quo. Our Double Barrel is not for them. A single grain Irish whiskey to blast the cobwebs off, it’s a new path taken by a new breed.

Glendalough Double Barrel has sucked the marrow out of two casks, Bourbon and Sherry. Both represent a world gone by, from the rolling hills of Bourbon county to the ancient frontier of south west Spain. They each bring their own unique flavour and character, fastened finally by an independent Irish streak.

Ireland’s mild maritime climate plays it's part too. The temperate winds that wash through her valleys give a gentle, sure aging and our cold, fresh Wicklow mountain water couldn’t be better for cutting cask-strength whiskey.

Best thing to do is draw a bead and gauge it for yourself.


Single malt Irish Whisky - 7 Year old & 13 year old

Our single malt goes back to the source of what made Irish Whiskey great. Known as “the champagne of whiskey” it is crafted using age-old traditional methods to create a style of whiskey that once ruled the world - we consider these special whiskeys a sort of second coming for Irish single malt.

The maritime climate on the east coast of Ireland provides perfect aging conditions for whiskey. At The Glendalough Distillery we carefully select a small number of these casks that best represent the full, rounded and smooth flavour of an Irish single malt.

The whiskey is then cut to 46% with Wicklow mountain water. Keeping it at or above 46% means we can avoid chill filtering and stay true to a taste and character of whiskey that was sipped a century ago in the heyday of Irish single malt.


Long before there was Irish whiskey there was poitín {potcheen}. Every distilled drink across the world from rum to gin, to vodka or absinthe, you name it, can trace its ancestry straight back to poitín.

The oldest distilled drink in the world, it was first made with expertise and reverence by Irish monks in the 6th century. Such was its quality, it outsold Irish whiskey for a thousand years.

In 1661 it was outlawed and forced into the wilderness, where it enjoyed an illicit romanticism. Remote glens like Glendalough, were used. The winds swept through, broke up the smoke from the peat fires, and kept prying eyes, and the law away.

Glendalough poitín is a carefully crafted, small-batch expression of this drink. We’ve harnessed tradition, heritage and provenance to capture more than fourteen centuries of distilling expertise in this notorious drink. Made in the old style with malted barley and sugar beet, it’s then aged in virgin Irish oak for more mellowness and depth of flavor. The result is a smooth, yet mosaic mix of malted barley sugars and toasted, woody flavors. It’s a drink that’s as complex in its taste as it is in its history. A drink that truly captures the original Irish spirit.

Traditionally drunk neat, we like it over ice. However because of its robust flavor, we find that it will really hold its own and add depth to mixed drinks and cocktails.

We had all worked in and around the drinks industry but wanted to forge our own path, to set up something meaningful. Something that meant we could make innovative spirits while staying true to the tradition and heritage of our ancestors.

Where the Glendalough Distillery story started was exactly where it should have - with the first ever spirit, poitín. It has since moved on to its natural progression, whiskey. And on again to our latest set of seasonal, wild botanical gins with a depth of flavour and a drinking experience that simply doesn’t exist today in Irish distilling, or maybe anywhere.