Laki Kane & The Liars Club WIN AMARO DI ANGOSTURA® VERSUS Cocktail Competition

This years UK VERSUS Competition was hosted in London and Manchester by industry favourite Jim Wrigley of B&H Buildings, bartenders and spectators were full of energy and excitement as some of the industry’s finest talent went head to head.

Round one named the Classic Round, saw bartenders redesign a classic cocktail using Amaro di ANGOSTURA® as a main ingredient.

The second round was a nail biting speed round where the contestants were on the clock and asked to make 10 Trinidad Sours in 5 mins! (That’s 30 seconds per cocktail!)

Finally, the Mystery Punch round, where teams were asked to make a signature Amaro di ANGOSTURA® punch using a lots of Amaro di ANGOSTURA® liqueur and ingredients from a mystery box (Think hibiscus flowers, jam and pineapple juice! Delicious.)

The competition was judged by Angostura’s® Global Brand Ambassador Daniyel Jones, Angostura’s® UK Brand Ambassador Sean Duprey and Amaro di Angostura’s® Marketing Manager Lawn Davis.

This competition is not for the faint hearted, it will be fast, skilful, competitive, intense and above all, entertaining
— Angostura’s® Global Brand Ambassador Daniyel Jones


The London competition was hosted at REV. JW Simpson on Monday 24th September and saw Laki Kane, Cahoots, Callooh Callay and the London Cocktail Club to head to head. Challenged on speed and creativity the Amaro di ANGOSTURA® cocktails created were second to none, the competition was tight but winning the top prize were Tiki Bar connoisseurs, Laki Kane.


Battling it out in Manchester were top cocktail bars The Liars Club, Arcane, Red Door Liverpool and Santa Chupitos, hosted at The Liars Club in Manchester on 26th September more incredible Amaro di ANGOSTURA® creations were presented to the three judges.

Global Amaro di ANGOSTURA® brand ambassador Danyiel Jones said:
“VERSUS is all about bartenders and teamwork! The competing UK bars brought exactly that to the table, taking on rounds challenging their speed, technique and creativity – with a focus on tropical cocktail concoctions and delicious punches using Amaro di ANGOSTURA®. Congratulations to our winners, Lake Kane and The Liars Club!”

Winners Laki Kane and The Liars Club each won an all-expenses paid trip for two to the Athens Bar Show 2018 in November, courtesy of the House of Angostura®.

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A Cocktail from London VERSUS winners Laki Kane

The social butterfly

  • 50ml Amaro Di Angostura

  • 25ml Coco Soursop

  • 25ml Mandarin

  • 75ml Pineapple

  • 3 dashes Angostura Bitters
    Blended with ice - Garnished with sugar cane and edible flowers