Glendalough Distillery

Glendalough release new Rose Gin

Following the success of Glendalough’s award winning Wild Botanical Gin, Glendalough Distillery have released a new Rose Gin made from a selection of different rose petals, including Wild Rose, Heritage Rose & Damask Rose. 

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To make this very special, small-batch Gin Glendalough completely rebalance the Wild Gin recipe and redistill it with extra fruit, flowers and spices... and of course a lot of fresh rose petals.

Glendalough Rose Gin will be available to order from 1st December.

Glendalough release exclusive SEASONAL Gins at Selfridges


Glendalough releases exclusive Gins at Selfridges during Taste the Emerald Isle Event

Selfridges launched its first Irish Food and Drink show named ‘Taste the Emerald Isle’ in London from August - October 2018.

The celebration gave London foodies the opportunity to taste and learn about products from over 50 Irish artisan producers. Glendalough Gin teamed up with Carlingford Oysters to present a gin and oyster pairing evening hosted by Chef and Irish oyster expert, Simon Lamont and forager from Glendalough, Geraldine Kavanagh.